The Placer Connect Team

Product Owner

Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Housing Collaborative
Placer County, CA

The TAY Housing Collaborative is a group of highly dedicated members of numerous youth support programs and affordable housing initiatives in the Placer County Area. Its primary objective is to better engage and support young adults in navigating the financial and social obstacles with finding affordable housing.
In 2021, the TAY Housing Collaborative reached out to Roseville High School in search of developers who could help create this site. This project is a demonstration of our commitment to engaging and improving our community through our practiced computer science knowledge and skills. Thank you for using our site.

Roseville High School 2021 Development Team

Shane Meadows-Yaw

Project Manager

Alyssa Javier

Lead Front-End Developer

Noah Nguyen

Lead Backend Developer

Ben Sonne

Lead Database Architect

Alexis Hendrickson

Full-Stack Developer